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Wittenberg University has a long history of excellence in athletics. Now we are excited to be joining a new era of student engagement with competitive gaming as a part of our campus life. Wittenberg students will have the opportunity to compete in a number of esports titles while earning a top liberal arts degree in one of more than 70 different academic fields. Scholarship opportunities are available for prospective students interested in attending Wittenberg starting in Fall 2024.

Games Begin

Wittenberg is currently recruiting students to compete at the varsity level while building a state-of-the art arena on the main level of its Benham-Pence Student Center. Additionally, the program is recruiting shoutcasters, who will be able to help stream competitions to the Wittenberg community and beyond.

Join The Team!

Wittenberg's inaugural esports program starts Fall 2024! Learn more about what Wittenberg University has to offer. Contact our Director of 的电子竞技 or schedule an on-campus 亚洲体育博彩.

Director of 的电子竞技


瑞恩•布朗 Wittenberg 的电子竞技
"的电子竞技 is the future of college athletics, and I am excited to create a community of athletes that embody the Tigers competitive spirit both in and out of the arena."
瑞恩•布朗, Wittenberg Director of 的电子竞技
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Where We Play

We are developing a state-of-the-art, professionally created esports arena on campus. It includes 14 new top-of-the-line computers, a team meeting room for discussion and VOD review, and a lounge for players to relax before the big game. A stream production room is in the same facility for the esports fans that would rather be in front of the camera than on the stage. This program will help create several on-campus jobs for student workers!

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