Connecting The Classroom To The World Beyond

At Wittenberg, you get connected! Our new 连接 Curriculum challenges students to become responsible global citizens, to discover their callings, and to lead personal, 专业, and civic lives of creativity, 服务, 同情, 和完整性. Find out all the ways that you can make a connection to Witt.


Our 连接 Curriculum provides opportunities for students to gain a solid academic foundation in multiple disciplines and then connect their classroom knowledge with practical situations, testing new 技能 in the wider world. Students will apply concepts from their coursework to experiential learning opportunities like civic engagement, internships, and research. These experiential learning opportunities also connect students with future collaborators, potential employers, 导师, 和社区.

得到 开始

The First Year Seminar (FYS) is a fall semester 4-credit class that provides an introduction to Wittenberg, to campus resources, and to the foundational 技能 and expectations of college level courses. FYS also engages students in thinking about a problem facing society. Each enduring problem is based on content specific to the instructor of the course. Students will work with peers, 教师, and campus resources to engage meaningfully with the problem and society as a whole.

公民 订婚

With LO1 students are required to complete one 批准d civic engagement experience. The Hagen Center for 公民 and 城市参与 将审查, 批准, and serve as a resource for experiences and courses that satisfy this requirement.  公民 engagement (CE) experiences focus on civic identity and help students develop the knowledge, 技能, and dispositions to be engaged citizens in their communities. 具体地说,

  • Students will make connections between new knowledge and community experiences
  • Students will understand civic identity and commitment
  • Students will reflect on the value of diversity in communities

Check out the video to learn about the options for completing this requirement.

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